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So, this blog had a happy ending. I met a guy, we fell in love, now we live together and everything is lovely. (No, seriously. It’ s been over a year and hot damn! Things are good.) There’s still stuff to say and I might occasionally drop in here, but for the most part I’ve moved on to another adventure: running.

I started running about a year ago and blogged a bit about it here. I ran my first 5k last March, did a 10k in October and in a haze of post-race endorphins signed up to train for a half marathon this April. A half marathon?! What was I thinking? Well, what I was thinking was this (and, lord, I have to remind myself of this over and over again, because EVERY DAY I want to quit. Every. Single. Day.): I don’t have a job right do (boo) and I’m kind of floundering. I thought it would be good to have a goal, a big challenge to overcome. My sister got her running start with Team in Training and had an awesome, life-changing experience (she met her boyfriend there, and a group of women who have become some of her closest friends, and now she runs half a dozen races a year). So I went for it.

Anyway, I’m blogging about it – in particular, about the experience of being a fat runner. Come check it out.

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more on running

I did it!

Today, I did my first-ever run, in my fleet and unstoppable new shoes. I had no idea what to expect, whether I’d be straggling along after the first thirty seconds or what. (Actually, that’s not quite honest: I DID have an expectation… I expected that I’d be straggling along after the first thirty seconds). But – joy of joys – it was actually easier, more fun, better than I expected. My training program only calls for one minute of running to start – one minute of running, six minutes of walking, repeat three times and you’re done – and each time, when I checked my watch, I realized that I’d gone over a minute and I wasn’t hurting at all. This gives me hope.

Also, when I told some folks in my community what I was doing, several asked if they could run with me. I rebuffed most of them, until I got worn down by rebuffing and said yes to one woman, with whom I’m not too close. This was serendipitous, ’cause it turns out that she’s a triathlete, loves to help new runners, and was completely supportive of my taking-it-very-easy-to-start-with strategy (and also totally convinced that I could be ready for a 5K by mid-March, which is my stretch goal). So yay! This gives me more hope.

In the comments on the last post, several people asked for info on the awesome store where I bought my shoes and the awesome super-beginners running program.  Here they are:

Awesome store: Bryn Mawr Running Company. I went to their location in Media, PA.

Super-beginners running program: About.com How to Get Started Running. (More gradual than the Couch to 5K program mentioned by a commenter).

You didn’t ask for it, but here’s a couple online stores that I found that carry plus-size running gear:

Two Roads Fitness (carries a variety of brands, up to size 24 or so in many; this is where I bought my running pants, yet to be delivered)

Team Estrogen (carries SportHill in plus sizes, up to a 32. To find it, go to “apparel” and then narrow your search by “plus size”)

Happy running!