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Biggest Loser criticism… on a running website!?

I did another 5K this weekend. Bettered my time by about 30 seconds, which is exciting (particularly given that my second race was cold, rainy, and hilly, in contrast to the perfect weather and nearly flat landscape of the first 5k) – yay me!

So I’m poking around online, looking for another race to run in May. I stumbled upon this article, posted on the website of a company that hosts and organizes races: The Biggest Loser TV Contest: A Big Loser. It’s a good article,with a some fat acceptance messages tucked in there. Not perfect, but good – and surprising to find on an athetic competition site, I thought.

What do you think?


fat girl dating and running updates

When I started my relationship with M I didn’t want to write about it on here now. I told him about the site – kind of; not with enough information that he could find it – and I told him that I wasn’t going to write about us, or really write much at all anymore. That felt right.

A few times in the past few weeks, though, I’ve thought of something I wanted to write on here. How he surprised me for my birthday. Conversations we’ve had about size, fat acceptance, health, eating, exercise. Ways he’s challenged me. Or, just generally, how true it is that it’s easier to accept and love yourself when someone else accepts and loves you, too.

Anyway. I haven’t figured out how to negotiate this yet, but for the time being I wanted to drop two quick updates: On Running and On Love.

On Running

I did it!

I did it!

My 5K was on March 22; I finished in 43 minutes and 49 seconds; about a minute under my goal time of 45 minutes. Go me! (Sorry for the lame white-outs up there; I erased all the identifying stuff like my last name and my and my sister’s race numbers.) I’m running another one next weekend, and again in May. After that, who knows?

On Love

M came back to Minnesota to watch my race, and to celebrate my 30th birthday. He met my family and a bunch of friends. We drove back to Pennsylvania together, stopping in a few places to visit other friends. We were doing great before the trip and we’re even better now. Something solidified during that time we spent together. Now, in addition to the joy we had in each other, it feels like we have security as well. Life is good.

bad responses to online dating profile

So, after receiving a pathetic response to my most recent dating profile, I was inspired to dig up some of the other real winners I’ve gotten over the past few months:

Hey Princess:

My life , can’t you understand a relation between two eyes. Though they blink together, see the world together and sleep together, yet they can never see each other. But my dear we are human beings, there is always a positive possiblity to meet. I cherish any thought of you and living for the day when our physical separation will no longer be. I promise you i m quite seriour about the relationship. I am quite sure i can do any thing for it .. no matter about the physical distance.I am waitting for your positive responce.

Not to be outdone, this guy:


would you be intersted in taking ownership of a well trained, worshipful, obedient slave to amuse yourself with????

i would love to be yours to do with as you please.


Hi Dear,
What’s up? i think this is the right time to say hi and have friendship.I liked your profile and please dont shun your door without knowing completely who is knockin your door.
Life is afterall exporing new things, ideas, places and interesting people( I dont mean here some blind relationship)

One of my favorites:

you delicious thing, I want to meet you. If I’m not too repugnant. YES I know I’m an inch shorter than you. I WILL STAND ON BOXES. I WILL WALK ON PLATFORM SHOES. I WILL ACT LIKE MICHAEL J FOX.



lining up for Obama

Ok, so this has nothing to do with the blog, and I’m not even really an Obama supporter, but this:

… is REALLY DAMN COOL. Go check out the whole post, by a blogger with Minnesota Public Radio who walked the length of the line talking with folks. It makes me proud of Minnesota, excited about Obama, hopeful about democracy. Awesome.

fat women sitting on a bomb?

Um, apparently four people found fatgirlonadate by searching for “fat women sitting on bomb”. Huh. Weird searchers, if you’re out there, care to tell us what you’re looking for? I’m guessing you didn’t find it here…

My old Kentucky home

Today, I am taking a break from the internet to cheer on Eight Belles in the Kentucky Derby. Go filly go!

Photo from Banamine’s photostream.

tee hee

I just discovered the blog stats that WordPress provides, and I can tell already that they are going to provide me with no end of amusement…

Someone found this blog via this search (and I’m super proud to see that I’m the fourth entry – right under Big Fat Blog). If that searcher is still out there, please come back. I am desperate to hear if you found what you were looking for.