fat girl dating and running updates

When I started my relationship with M I didn’t want to write about it on here now. I told him about the site – kind of; not with enough information that he could find it – and I told him that I wasn’t going to write about us, or really write much at all anymore. That felt right.

A few times in the past few weeks, though, I’ve thought of something I wanted to write on here. How he surprised me for my birthday. Conversations we’ve had about size, fat acceptance, health, eating, exercise. Ways he’s challenged me. Or, just generally, how true it is that it’s easier to accept and love yourself when someone else accepts and loves you, too.

Anyway. I haven’t figured out how to negotiate this yet, but for the time being I wanted to drop two quick updates: On Running and On Love.

On Running

I did it!

I did it!

My 5K was on March 22; I finished in 43 minutes and 49 seconds; about a minute under my goal time of 45 minutes. Go me! (Sorry for the lame white-outs up there; I erased all the identifying stuff like my last name and my and my sister’s race numbers.) I’m running another one next weekend, and again in May. After that, who knows?

On Love

M came back to Minnesota to watch my race, and to celebrate my 30th birthday. He met my family and a bunch of friends. We drove back to Pennsylvania together, stopping in a few places to visit other friends. We were doing great before the trip and we’re even better now. Something solidified during that time we spent together. Now, in addition to the joy we had in each other, it feels like we have security as well. Life is good.


4 responses to “fat girl dating and running updates

  1. Congrats on the good time on your run! And on your continued happiness in your relationship. :)

  2. wow, you look so happy in that running shot! :)

  3. I LOVE your blog. Seriously.

    I’m a fellow “fat running girl” (A REAL one as well- size 22, unlike that skinny size 14 girl in the article on your blog). I’ve recently completed my first race, and I am in the process of training myself for a *gasp* half marathon. Yikes!

    Anyways, just want to post a comment on your fantastic blog and say congrats on your running so far! :) I will definitely be a regular reader of yours and will be tracking your success and cheering you on! :)


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