Ok, it’s been a little while. I was at home for the holidays, and then I came back and had a crazy-busy week, and I have all sorts of very good excuses.

But here’s the real reason: Through a series of coincidences – not through any of my attempts at online dating, and he’s not the man I wrote about here – I met a really nice man. I don’t know where things are going with him, yet, but it’s good, and it feels private, and I just don’t feel comfortable talking about it here, even in my semi-anonymous form.

So wish me luck! I’ll be back with other bits of commentary, but for the time being the whole “on a date” bit is going to go dark (again).


8 responses to “confession

  1. Congratulations! I hope it continues to work out well – I think wanting to keep it private is actually a good sign – like it’s something too special to share in the early stages, and you’re invested in it working out – that’s how I felt when I started dating my husband. Anyway, I hope you keep posting even if it’s not about the dates – I love hearing you’re perspective on things!

  2. Good luck! I hope things go well with him.

  3. (crosses fingers)

    Let us know when you feel ready to. In the meantime, just enjoy the hell out of it.

    Good luck!

  4. Best of luck to you from a new reader. I stumbled across your blog in google while looking doing a search (I think for size-friendly dating sites) and am glad to have found it. I’ve linked you from my blog so I can find my way back again and hopefully I’ll be all caught up on reading soon. :)

  5. Dating is hard at any age. It’s normally wrought with complications. If it’s pretty simple at this point, keep it there.

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