I have one question…


Why is the semi-formal lady so pissed off?

I mean, that’s a beautiful dress. Seriously. I tried it on the other day, at Fresh Ayer, and it’s just lovely. What’s the crabby face about?


10 responses to “I have one question…

  1. What’s the crabby face about? Cocktail woman won’t stop snapping her bra.

  2. All the dresses kick ass :) And the woman also looks pissed on the other photo (black tie), so I guess that’s her general attitude :D Nothing to do with the dress per se ;)

  3. Maybe an annoying dude on the street said “hey baby, let’s see a smile” one too many times? Sometimes I have a sourpuss/”leave me the hell alone” look for similar reasons.

  4. She’s probably pissed off that she doesn’t get to keep the dress ;-)

  5. I agree with Pauli…the black tie lady looks irritated at someone just out of the frame. Maybe they should find a new model…

  6. Why does the black tie dress look like a nightgown?

  7. CatMoran you made me lol. Seriously.

  8. lol indeed! Maybe she’s just pissed off because she didn’t get to wear the red dress instead :)

  9. Seriously, Liza. I’m not impressed with that dress.

    And CatMoran? You rule.

  10. I don’t normally wear dresses and I’m pretty sure that red one would make my stomach look extra huge, but I really love it. Oh man.

    I’m gonna echo that pissy face is pissy because HER dress isn’t red also. NEED MORE RED.

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