holy cow! (and: my first troll!)

What the heck happened? When I posted yesterday about The Most Honest Personal Ad You’ll Ever Read I didn’t expect such a huge outpouring from y’all. Did I get linked on Shapely Prose or something? The blog just hit a one-day high and it’s not even dinnertime.

So: Thank you! It’s been absolutely terrific to hear all your responses to Mr. Honesty. I wish I was half as witty as you!

And, as an extra treat, I present to you my first-ever troll! (I’d been wondering; how come I don’t get trolls? Back when I was writing regularly the blog got pretty decent traffic, but all the commenters were friendly. Why was I left out of the trolls’ paths?):

We are looking for thin women, not big fat hogs. There is nothing feminine about a big fat fatty. If we can’t get aroused because of your rolls of fat and blubber, we don’t want to waste our time or money on you!



25 responses to “holy cow! (and: my first troll!)

  1. The “we” there is odd. Does this man not believe in the existence of fat-admirers’ magazines/websites/social events?

    I mean, quite apart from the kajillions of men who are turned on by women of all sizes, there are lots and lots of men who are only turned on by fat women.

    And I’m sure there are men who are only turned on by average-size women, and men who are only turned on by gaunt women, and men who are only turned on by Croatian women with lisps.

    It’s a big world out there, and people have all kinds of preferences. Survey, however, shows that one thing is for certain: nobody is turned on by trolls. Nobody.

  2. Wow. I missed the personal ad one until now. What a complete douchebag he was. Nice to know he thinks depression is purely a matter of will, that Quakers are racist repressive upholders of the status quo (I know better, and I’m an avowed atheist. I also happen to know a little history and have known a couple Quakers in my time ), and look! he’s even willing to overlook your weight! Nice (I do mean that sarcastically, which is something people over the age of twelve can and do sometimes miss because it hasn’t been made clear, or you know, just because certain minds don’t work in a sarcastic way).

    As to Trollboy…he clearly hasn’t met a lot of the men I’ve known over the years. Oh, and that includes the guy who was so not turned off by my ‘rolls of fat and blubber’ that he stopped his work truck and jumped out just to meet me in hopes that my fat ass might be a single one. We talked very briefly (he was both clearly attracted and entirely respectful throughout), and as I started to leave he asked if I were married. When I told him I was, he said to tell Mr. Twistie he’s a lucky man.

    Of course, it’s possible to be a perfectly nice, attractive person in a body of any size or shape. Troll, however, is ugly no matter what kind of wrapping it comes in.

  3. But…your comments about the Craig’s List dude had NOTHING to do with him not liking fat women. Actually, he had no problem with “big fat hogs.”

    I love when trolls leave comments that have nothing to do with the original post. If you’re going to be a jerk, at least make your jerkiness relevant.

  4. Translation: A fat woman turned him down after he spent copious time and money on her. Instead of looking inward, he will now reduce all fat women to porcine and unfeminine. Because that makes sense. *eyeroll*

  5. consider yourself luckly, the blog XXLA started gets trolled hard. I wonder how trolls decide who to target in the fatoshepere

  6. Um, Mr Troll, no one said you had to waste your time or money on fat women. Personally, this fat woman (if I wasn’t already married) would never waste MY time on you (and it would be a big waste of my time to even consider talking to a bigoted twit like you).
    Trolls usually don’t make a lot of sense when they’re spouting their crap, which is why I ignore them now, but it does kind of make it seem like you’ve made it in the blogging world once you get trolled.

  7. Oh – I should have noted. The troll was on the “My personal ad” page.

  8. Huh.

    My rolls of fat and/or blubber have aroused many a male (including the few lucky enough to date me).

    Guess they were confused! ;}

  9. Haha. That’s funny. I think the way you deal with it is even better.

  10. Ok seriously can you be any more fun? I needed to smile today, I owe you one. Thanks.

    Your blog rocks.

  11. *snort* I guess I better tell my husband he’s been horridly confused all these years! Because he certainly doesn’t have a problem getting aroused even with my rolls and blubber *eyerolls*

    What a narrow-minded, egotistical moron you are, mister troll!! To not see that your view means exactly jack shit to the rest of the world, including many many other men!

  12. If we can’t get aroused because of your rolls of fat and blubber, we don’t want to waste our time or money on you!

    Well shit, because you sound like a real prize.

    I spent all these years becoming this smart, opinionated, educated, body-positive, accepting geeky gay feminist woman, and now one random fucker has spoken and I realise the error of my ways.

    Come back! Come back! *runs after* I can change!

  13. Mr. Troll should tell that to the skinny guys who’ve chatted me up. Whenever I’ve been approached by a man, it’s never been one my size, or slightly bigger or slightly smaller. And considering the number of fat women I see with men all the time, clearly, he ain’t from this planet.

  14. Apart from all the other stuff that is wrong with that totally off-topic and nasty troll comment and making my head hurt, I like the idea that the dude is straightforward enough to say flat out at the end “I’m a man. I spend money on you and you put out. That’s how it works and that’s the only way it can work.” He must have so many fulfilling friendships and family relationships in his life. :P

  15. Trolls. They suck. The cure is tequila. :)

  16. Trolls. They suck. The cure is tequila. :)

    Well said that woman.

  17. (laughs scornfully) I have no trouble finding men when I want them, and have a husband and boyfriend who were both very very worries when the doctor changed my medications and I started to lose weight.

    I feel rather sorry for him. Or perhaps it is that if he dated a woman who enjoyed life, liked her body, and wasn’t worried about fitting societal roles, he’d have to reexamine how he interacted with society. And we all know introspection is dangerous because it runs the risk of making you no longer trollish.

    (shrugs) Ignore them. Whatever women do, we get a man telling us we’re doing it wrong, so clearly the thing to do is please ourselves and let the ones who can get over their moral outrage at that into our lives.

  18. Troll:
    There is nothing feminine about stick thin bodies, sunken cheeks, and vomit for breakfast. There is, however quite a bit feminine about ‘big fatties’! Wide hips, curviness, round faces, etc. Just look at classical and ancient views of beauty. Just because society tells you that stick thin is beautiful doesn’t mean it has to or has always been that way.

  19. Yvette – Women with eating disorders are still women. Please do not put them down as not feminine to raise your own fat acceptance argument. You are fighting other woman here, and I personally am offended.

  20. Trolls, yay! Don’t you feel loved now? *gigglefits*

  21. Yay Trolls! I know I totally felt like I was finally making some valid points when I was getting repeat commenters AND got my first troll message. Nothing says “You’re finally moving into the stage when your ideas scare people” better than sputtering troll inanity. :D

    On that ad post I missed before I must say that “honesty” must be mislabelled in that guy’s dictionary as “Openly Biased”. He makes wild assumptions based on stereotypes and insists that this makes him honest? Wow.

    Your awesome personality and body and existence deserve so much better than that!!!

  22. Right, because a woman’s worth is determined by her sexual attractiveness.

  23. Like everything in life…good things come in all shapes and sizes.

    From the small coriopsis flower to the large red oak…natural beauty comes in many sizes.

    The same can be said for ideas…beautiful ideas are small, and sometimes big.

    There a beautiful big new homes, and beautiful, small charming ones.

    Big beautiful autos, and small ones too.

    I could go on, but you get the picture…why, our species, you so often have to be tiny to be beautiful… I don’t buy it…

    I see big beautiful women and men every day…and also very ugly small ones…inside and out..


  24. If I get any new trolls, I’ll send them to you. My perps generally lurk, however.

  25. Oooh, he called you a ‘big fat fatty’. I grade him C- for lack of originality. Mr Troll needs to go to Troll School if he wants to troll with the big guys.

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