The Most Honest Personal Ad You’ll Ever Read

So, I’m living here in Pennsylvania, I don’t know anyone outside my community and dating within the community is frowned upon (and anyway, the four guys in my age range – say, 26 to 40 or so – are: not single, not single, not single, not friendly). I check out the craigslist personals and hit upon an interesting prospect. He’s written one of those “This is the most honest personal ad you’ll ever read” ads (internet daters, you know the type, right?). Well, they’re a cliche, but I always fall for them – he’s willing to be vulnerable! I can tell him all the horrible things about me and get them out of the way and he’ll fall in love with me for my insouciant spirit!

I wrote back in kind, outlining all the things that one might find difficult about me – in a terribly charming way, of course. Here’s a sample of what I included:

  • I live in a Quaker community. That’s weird, right? But charming-weird, not freaky-weird. I’m exploring my soul! That’s a good thing!
  • I’m fat. ‘Nuff said.
  • I struggle with depression, had a breakdown in grad school, am better now. It’s made me more reflective, more thoughtful, more determined to live beautifully.
  • I’m an introvert and I have a hard time getting close to people.
  • Sarcasm goes right over my head. Like, seriously. I don’t know why this is. I’m a smart person. I make other people laugh. But I’m just so damned gullible; I’ll ask you if I can borrow a pen, you’ll say no, sarcastically, because DUH, of course I can borrow a pen, why would anyone say no to that? and I’ll walk away dejectedly. The upside to this is that I’m totally earnest, and I actually think that’s a good thing. I’m sincere.
  • I love politics but I’ve recently realized, much to my surprise, since I went to public policy grad school on the assumption that the opposite was true, that I don’t really like to debate politics. I mostly like chewing the fat with people who agree with me; I’m happier on a campaign than doing the compromise of policy work.
  • I snore.

Here’s what he writes back:

I have no issues with larger women.

Great! We’re off to a good start.

I don’t think we’d get along well. Number one, I never capitalize the word god, because I don’t believe there is only one. I am far from religious. You mentioned you love politics but have a problem talking to people who disagree with you. Well, a healthy debate is good for the soul. But if you’re too closed to see someone else’s side, or why they think the way they do, that’s unfortunate. I voted for Obama, and campaigned for his election. And I’m thrilled he won. Who did you vote for, McCain? Being from MN and living in Quakertown, do you have a problem with black people? I sure don’t.

Um, whoa! I guess I neglected to tell him that I’m a way-left liberal, that it’s Republicans that I don’t really want to talk politics with (sorry, Republicans! I still love you, but let’s talk about dinner or something else instead, ok?), that I worked for Obama organizing rural voters in Virginia, that the photo I sent him was from the spontaneous election-night party outside the White House after Obama was elected.

Oh, and? Maybe he should quick google Minnesota and Quakers before he makes racist assumptions about them; both are progressive, home to stereotypically do-gooder liberal folk. Minnesota, for example, has elected the only Muslim to serve in Congress. Quakers were among the first abolitionists.

Being introverted does not make one opposed to companionship or letting someone into our hearts. It simply means we enjoy time alone, and need it, to recharge. I don’t think the word introverted can accurately describe you, from your description of yourself.

Oh. I guess I’m wrong about myself. Thanks for showing me the light.

I understand depression, and have written a lot about it, but I am not depressed. I don’t think we have that area in common, either. I don’t let myself get down to the point of incapacity. I’m a firm believer in the motto whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

OK, now I’m mad. His turn of phrase – “I don’t let myself get down…” – pisses me off. As though all you needed to do to avoid depression was buck up, be a man. Feh.

Kind of odd that sarcasm goes right over your head, even 12 year olds can clearly get when someone’s being sarcastic.

Huh. Apparently I made him mad, too. Why else would be slip in this little jab? Why, actually, did he respond at all, since we were so obviously not meant to  be?

He closes with:

I’m sure you’re a cool person but you’re not what I’m looking for.

Now that’s just disingenuous. If I’m really racist, weak-hearted and stupid, I wouldn’t be a terrible cool person, would I?

Ah, no need to get in a huff. I should have known better, anyway. The “I’m so honest” type is right up there with the “Nice Guy” type – they’re insincerely swathing themselves in simplistic understandings of what they imagine women want. What do you want to bet that when he doesn’t get many responses he’ll chalk it up to the snobbery of women?

Bah! Who needs ’em, anyway? Maybe I’ll just stay tucked up in my community and forget about dating for a while longer.


64 responses to “The Most Honest Personal Ad You’ll Ever Read

  1. WOW! What a piece of work! I can’t help but laugh at the sheer weight of assumptions that this dude took away from your description. I hope he doesn’t strain himself trying to carry all that around (on top of his self-righteousness, which must already be quite a burden).

    I know it’s by far not the worst part of the response, but you have to love “I have no issues with larger women.” OK, clearly that’s the best I can hope for, so awesome!

  2. Those are some pretty heinous assumptions to make about anyone, but about Quakers? What planet is this guy living on?

    Oh well. Think of it as an Early Warning Signal to stay away. NEXT.

  3. You’re totally better off. Anyone going into the potential dating pool with that kind of attitude would just drag you down!

    (For what it’s worth, if I swung that way, and lived closer to you, and weren’t already taken, you totally seem like my type. ^^)

  4. I’m writing this, because I think you probably wouldn’t mind hearing it right now. I’ve been reading you for what feels like a very long time now. I think what you’re doing with the Quaker community is interesting and exciting and *different*. Moreover, I think that you’ve shown yourself to be all of those things. (For the record, I think that not “getting” sarcasm must be such a relief to the people around you. I’d love to have a friend like that… that I never had to question. )

    I can’t imagine anyone less suited to you (and whose opinion you ought to pay less attention to) than this guy. I know the natural response would be: “I don’t care what he said; I’m just amused by it.” But, well, I don’t know how anyone could not take it to heart. So, I just thought I’d tell you what I think. I hope you find someone who makes you happy soon. BTW, the Philadelphia area is not Minnesota. Be wary of guys who put everything on the table. We’re pretty reserved here and guys who do that tend to be soliciting a caretaker or trying to be manipulative in some other way.

    Hi, btw. I’m just southeast of you in Philadelphia. :)

  5. Oh, wow, he doesn’t get it at all.

    I’m pretty sure I used to work for your community (I didn’t live there; I was in accounting), and everyone I met there was awesome. It’s one of the places I’d like to show anyone who thinks Christian = intolerant right-winger.

    (I’m here via the Fatosphere feed, and I recognized the description of your community. I’m not a stalker, I promise!)

  6. He’s an ass, and he sounds like he’s maybe sixteen on the maturity scale. Plus he displays his ignorance like a badge: Obama people=debators; depression is something you can “just buck up from”; and Quakers racist?! Even I know better than that, and I’m not particularly educated in history.

  7. What a fucking idiot (I reread this and realized it sounded like I meant you, and I definitely mean HE’S the imbecile). You’re really playing roulette with the “candid” men on dating sites, because I feel that the truly candid men out there don’t need to play up how open and honest and vulnerable they are. I mean, really.

    It boils my blood when people think they know everything about depression and think it’s a “way of living.” How ignorant. Not to mention, sarcasm isn’t some reflection of intelligence — the smartest person I know doesn’t and will never perceive sarcasm when it’s happening — so score one more for his ignorance. These aren’t even matters of opinion (not to mention the preconceived Quaker notions) — he’s just a fucking idiot.

    It really does take strength to persevere through the assholes, and I guess he’s testing his own theory here: What assholes don’t kill you, only make you stronger.

  8. So, in his “totally honest” ad, did he mention he was a complete jerk with the reading comprehension skills of a squirrel? ‘Cause, you know…it’s totally true. If not, maybe you could suggest he alter his ad to be actually “totally honest.”

  9. Ugh ugh ugh ugh.

    I think it is funny that you don’t get sarcasm. We should hang out, I am occasionally sarcastic by accident. (Like I’ll mean something sincerely and it will sound sarcastic. ) It would be good to have someone around who actually believes me.

    Also, I wouldn’t beat yourself up about not always getting sarcasm. Some people are very bad at expressing it. (See also, me)

    And the not liking to debate thing, I think i’ve figured out that I don’t like to debate people who think it is very important to win the debate. I like talking about ideas, and as long as we can explore those ideas and then maybe disagree after, we’ll be cool. But if you’re going to eventually resort to personal attacks and twisting framing and words to win, well… I’m not interested.

    On to the actual topic, Sucks that this guy was a jerk. There are tons of jerks in the internet dating world. But the beauty of internet dating is that you don’t actually have to waste more time on them than a casual e-mail. You e-mail, he’s a dick, you’re done. That’s way easier than getting dressed up to go out for drinks and having a miserable time.

    I met my boyfriend on It can be kindof a hookup joint, but they also have lots of funny tests you can take and widgets to play with. Plus, Free. Free is Yay.

  10. WTFF?!

    What a prince! Are you quite sure you don’t want to waste your breath putting him right on his egregious assumptions? Because he sounds like such a catch!

    Don’t worry, I am being sarcastic – because I don’t think I could be anything else in response to his outrageous response to your letter. The bit about depression particularly pissed me off on your behalf. What a total horse’s arse.

  11. It’s probably just my own insecurities, but I think his first comment was a lie and everything else was a just excuses to make it seem like he isn’t a shallow bastard who would reject someone based on something as ridiculous as weight. He’s not worth your time and energy. Be glad you didn’t waste any more on him than you did.

  12. Oh gosh, I hate, hate, HATE it when people do what he did at the end of his response.

    Do you disagree with me? Fine, that’s your opinion. Are you ambivalent? Understandable, I get that way, too!

    But don’t ever, ever tell me two completely contradictory things. I’m not stupid, I can tell when someone does that.

  13. Holy crap. You should thank him for not being interested. What if you’d had to suffer through a date? I think you lucked out.

  14. Quakers are the peaceful, war-protesting ones! They are cool. Ditto for MN. Good thing you were able to figure out his maturity level before you met.

  15. Oh man, did he ever do you a favor. Some poor woman is going to wind up getting hitched to this guy, and she will have the worst cluster headaches ever.

  16. Ugh! What a jackass. Seriously!

    I met my husband on a now-defunct dating website, sometimes you just have to weed through some real losers to find the diamonds, but they really are out there!

  17. Oh man, what a loser that one is!

    As a long veteran of online dating I’m amazed to run into guys who seem to think that they can write a perfect profile and order up a woman like ordering something from a catalog, as if all they have to do is write the PERFECT checklist of traits and the PERFECT woman will appear who meets them all. Perfectly.

    People are much more complex and subtle than that, and any guy who thinks he knows you after a couple of emails is a bigtime loser. Doubly so because it means he doesn’t get to know you.

    Thanks for sharing this, though! You’ve made me feel better about some of the slightly-less-loserish guys I’ve run into lately. :-)

  18. Jezebel has a “Crap Emails from a Dude” piece that appears from time to time. This guy would be in good company there. What a douche!

    You are way better off without this guy. And the world is way better off he’s not getting any sort of chance to mess up the gene pool.

  19. This guy is an abusive self-righteous douchebag. What he wrote you is pretty horrifying.

    On the sarcasm thing, I’m like you: if I don’t see a reason for someone to lie to me, I assume they’re telling the truth. “To fuck with me” never seems to occur to me as a reason for them to lie until I’ve already been through it with them. I love that you said you were earnest, because that’s exactly how I would describe myself, and I love earnest people.

    I also have people think I’m being sarcastic or making double-entendres when I’m not, and can sound earnest when I mean to be sarcastic and vice-versa. I joke around a lot, so I just have fun with it.

  20. What a horrid person! I’m mostly atheist but I capitalize God out of respect for other people’s feelings, and I really enjoy what I’ve heard about the Quakers. They sound like a cool community.

    Also, I just wanted to say that I have one friend who has absolutely no sarcasm detector at all, and once I got over the shock of it, I found it really relaxing. With her, what you see is what you get. It makes communication very direct and simple. I like it — and the few times I use sarcasm, I tell her so she can join in on the joke.

    In any case, it’s nice to get such a flaming red alert that you don’t want to go anywhere near this guy — I guess at least his honesty is good for that!

  21. My mom doesn’t get sarcasm either! And I completely agree with you on debating. I also used to think I liked debating politics, and then realised it’s actually very stressful for me. I dislike conflict too much. I’m with you on preferring discussions with like-minded people.

    And wow, what an asshole. I hope you have better luck in the future!

  22. this post – and your writing in general – leaves me nearly speechless

    you are hereby and heretofore linked from the “Critical Paths” section of my humble bwog

    thank you

    be at peace

  23. sounds like you dodged a bullet there!

  24. Hey! I’m a Quaker. My mom met her husband, an American Quake, online – in part because they were both Quakers and how weird is that. (My mom, btw, is plus sized.)

    There have been lots and lots of left leaning forums where I’ve been surprised to run into Quakers online. We’re well represented! *g* So don’t let one ignorant and snide ass get you down, and, as they say, I’ll hold you in the light.

  25. Wow! Sorry, I just wandered in from the fatosphere. I’ve been sort of missing Jezebel’s Crap Emails from a Dude, but this missive killed that little craving. Jeez.

    You’re right to dismiss him, but I’m the sort of person who wouldn’t be able to resist correcting his bad faith assumption. For example, that 12 year olds get sarcasm. I taught high school freshmen and now I teach college freshmen, and I can fairly report that a generous percentage of both demographics are either still developing their ear for sarcasm or simply take words at face value first time around. What’s wrong with that?

  26. Oh Jesus, an incurable know-it-all. Good luck with your search. Keep to men with good grammer. That’s all I’ve got.

  27. Let’s dissect various aspects of Mr. Doucherson’s response, shall we? From the male point-of-view:

    “I have no problem with larger women.”

    This means that he thinks he’s doing every woman (not just the “larger” ones) a favor by submitting the very charity of his company. He is, in other words, God’s gift, and that’s God-with-a-capital-G. As in Goober.

    “Well, a healthy debate is good for the soul.”

    This means that unless you’re willing to subjugate your values to someone else’s, he’s got nothing to say to you. Then, when confronted with someone whose opinion seems to differ from his, he counters with:

    “But if you’re too closed to see someone else’s side, or why they think the way they do, that’s unfortunate.”

    Way to keep an open mind, there. Obviously he went to great lengths to find out why you think the way you do, right? But since he thought you were a Republican, I guess he was okay with rejecting your views not only offhandedly, but erroneously.

    “Who did you vote for, McCain? Being from MN and living in Quakertown, do you have a problem with black people? I sure don’t.”

    Here we see the hypocrite in his native habitat: Sanctimonia Flats. It’s okay to prejudge those with whom he might disagree (like, say, people from Minnesota who voted for McCain and are currently living in Quakertown) by questioning whether they have a problem with black people, while in the same email offering an unwarranted admonishment for being “too closed to see someone else’s side.” Nice.

    “I don’t think the word introverted can accurately describe you, from your description of yourself.”

    I’ve got an idea. Let’s play a game, and come up with as many words as we can to describe Mr. Doucherson. I’ll start with “unctuous.” Who’s next?

    “I understand depression, and have written a lot about it, but I am not depressed.”

    He’s not a therapist, but he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, so it’s all good. Writing about depression doesn’t count if your primary medium involves a Sharpie and a blank spot on a bathroom stall door.

    “I’m a firm believer in the motto whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”

    Really? What about Barry Manilow’s music and hepatitis B? Not much chance of dying from either one, but 100% recovery is rare, and you’ll never feel quite the same again.

    “Kind of odd that sarcasm goes right over your head, even 12 year olds can clearly get when someone’s being sarcastic.”

    His keen comprehension of 12-year-olds should come as no surprise; when I was in the seventh grade, I understood 12-year-olds pretty well, too. I eventually grew out of it, but he seems to have honed HIS skill at repelling women into a fine, fine art.

    “I’m sure you’re a cool person but you’re not what I’m looking for.”

    And to top it all off, he slips in a nice, heavy slice of condescension to underscore the fact that his social skills lie somewhere between those of Pol Pot and Miss Piggy.

    Seems kind of like you dodged a bullet, there. A big, stupid, arrogant, jackass bullet. (Man, I’m glad I’m not a girl. And not only because I’d make an unbearably ugly one, either)

  28. This reminds me of the time I posted an ad on CL. I always make it a point to say that I’m childfree (and explain what that means) and that I choose not to date people who have children. You’d think any parent who read that would hit the back button on their browser and move along, wouldn’t you? Well, if you thought that, you wouldn’t be a very experienced online dater, would you? ;)

    I got a very, VERY pissy email from some dude who said he was OFFENDED that I didn’t want to date a parent. The hell? Like he was entitled to choose anyone he wanted to date and we weren’t allowed to have any reciprocal criteria? I couldn’t resist poking him, as well as sharing his idiocy with quite a few friends. What a nutjob!

    Good luck to you!

  29. I stumbled upon your blog and I just loved your rant about online dating. Been there, done that…the “I’m such a nice guy,” schtick is soooo old. Really. If they have to tell you they’re a nice guy, chances are, they’re not. I learned the hard way…more than once, to be honest! They suck you right in with their “honesty and sincerity,” but in the end it just seems like it’s just shrieking insecurity and indecisiveness.

    Like the Governator once said, “I’ll be back!”

  30. For the record, you sound pretty cool and I would totally date you.

  31. You make me want to post an ad just to see what responses I get. Wow. While I do not miss that, part of me gets a laugh at the possibilities.

  32. ‘I’ve got an idea. Let’s play a game, and come up with as many words as we can to describe Mr. Doucherson. I’ll start with “unctuous.” Who’s next?’

    I’ll go for ‘smarmy’.

    To put it succinctly: Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  33. oh wow, this dude is something.

    scum. but hey, his answer was quite fun (maybe it was sarcasm?), with the negativity and all

  34. In England we have a name for people like this chap. It isn’t nice, so I wont repeat it here.

  35. I really hate people like that, who just seem to take every single thing you write as its own separate piece. That guy seemed weird. Oh well.

  36. The fact that this guy was lurking on Craigslist is no surprise.

    The only men I’ve ever seen in the Personals area for Craigslist in my city just want freaky deaky sex or they are basement dwellers looking for a tall, blond, Asian nymphomaniac who loves video games and will make sandwiches on demand.

    So yeah this guy sounds like a winner right up the craigslist alley.

  37. Um. That’s hilarious… in that the email is like that train wreck that you just can’t look away from. And really how can someone who is at all educated not know that Quakers are liberals? I mean the Quaker faith may not be my bag but dude, they’re so far from being racist it’s not even funny. *And* stereotyping where you are from with who you are = stupid. (I say this because I am a flaming liberal with Texas roots and it’s so damn annoying when people assume I am uber-Republican because I grew up in Texas when really you could most accurately describe my politics as socialist). I know this may be a little snarky but this is my new take on craigslist personals – as my roommate said to me “Do you really want to meet your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner the same place you found your used lawnmower?”

  38. What a self-important douche. The jump from “Minnesotan” to “racist” boggles my mind.

    I have an MA in political science, and I’m not a big fan of debating politics with people who disagree with me–nor are most of the academics I know. You’re not alone. :-)

  39. Wow!! Cranky Phone Guy is right, you certainly dodged a bullet, for that kind of guy you need a bullet proof vest….sorry that you had to even deal with such an arrogant jackass.

    I was reading some of you past posts as this is my first visit to your blog, and in reference to your post about eating in intentional community, I just wanted to let you know that eating on a schedule is actually healthier as far as I have read. When your body knows when it’s next meal will be it doesn’t store fat just in case you don’t get to eat again for a while. It’s great that this community makes it so easy to eat on a schedule. I have always struggled with my weight, and I find it incredibly difficult to eat on a schedule when the rest of my life isn’t.

    Good luck on the guy front, just run that a-hole right out of your mind!!

  40. This guy sounds like a narcissistic, racist asshole. In your response, you should simply point him to this post here so he can see, in print, all the ways he is a narcissistic, racist asshole.

    I met my husband on Yahoo Personals, so I’m no stranger to internet dating. I was never very optimistic about it, though and the three online dating experiences I had before I met my husband were negative ones. But, for me, the fourth time was the charm. Hang in there.

  41. Oh geez hon, you didn’t deserve a letter like that. You were being honest, he was being a–well I won’t say it. haha I know exactly what you are talking about when you say you are introverted. I am too! I have such a hard time meeting and talking to people, and well D’oh of course we like to be alone sometimes, doesn’t everyone? I don’t get sarcasm, I don’t get jokes, I don’t “get” a lot of things, and I have a very high IQ, my problem is I am a high functioning autistic. That guy should have thought of things like that before spouting off his mouth. Not all of us are society’s idea of “perfect”. I get people all the time that get pissed with me because I didn’t get their joke, or didn’t understand they were “just playing around”. I take things literally, it can’t be helped, it is part of my autism. His assumption of you being Republican was pretty lame as well. I love how honest YOU are about everything. Most women fib about their weight, and anything else to make a man want to know them. They need to be honest like you, that is so refreshing…and by the way, I am one of those “skinny” men who like “fluffy” women. HAHA So carry on, keep your chin up, there IS someone out there for you, don’t give up just because of a few rotten apples out there! Good luck!!

  42. I love that Obama got elected, just to counteract obnoxious coastal assumptions that Midwest = raging conservative.

    Still waiting for someone public to show that religious does not equal raging conservative. Bleh.

  43. Should have set him straight, just to watch him blubber afterwards.

  44. This guy sounds like a narcissistic, racist asshole.

    I know, right?

    do you have a problem with black people? I sure don’t.

    …do you want a medal? Internalised racism, table for one.

    This is my favourite bit:

    I understand depression

    Now let me stop you there. No, you clearly don’t, you arrogant solipsist asshole. Everything you go to say tells us you could not understand less about about depression. Or, indeed, being a human being.

    and have written a lot about it

    Lols, WHERE? Point me to this mythical screed on all things depression-related.

    This is pretty much Let A Man Tell You About Feminism for mental illness. Love it.

  45. I’d heartily agree with you that the whole “I’m honest and vunerable” tagline is exactly what he thinks women want to hear.

    It is fairly amusing that he responds back with jackassery thinking he’s being high brown and intelligent. I’d be hard pressed NOT to point out if he’s so “liberal” because he voted for a black man that he is sure quick to judge complete strangers on any number of personal traits they shared in a response to a personal ad with little or no supporting evidence beyond personal stereotypes.

    Finally, never date on…

  46. There’s not much I can write here that hasn’t been beautifully covered by at least one of the other commentators. Just be glad you wrote all of this down, because your grandchildren will laugh their asses off when you read it to them! :-D

    Onward and upward, honey. There’s a man out there who’s worthy of you, and he’ll show up as soon as you stop looking for him. The good ones are weird that way.

  47. Cranky Phone Guy wrote: “He’s not a therapist, but he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night”


  48. What boggles the mind is that he bothered to send a long response back about all the things (he imagines are) wrong with you. Why not just say “You sound like a great person, but I don’t think we’d make a good match”?

  49. That was clearly not the most honest personals ad ever, because if he had been being honest he would have said “I’M A SANCTIMONIOUS ASSHOLE WHO LOVES TO BELITTLE OTHERS AND WHO KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT HISTORY.”

  50. I agree with Rachel. Write back and give him a link to this post. (Then block his IP address so he can’t comment. I bet you can hear him scream.)

    Also, you totally dodged a bullet there. This guy is clearly such a fricking know-it-all you’d never be able to tell him anything he wouldn’t try to one-up.

  51. What an arse. Total and utter arse.

    Love the way that you’ve dissected his response though. You’re great. :)

  52. Well, this can be seen as one of the upsides to online dating–it’s a process whereby you can screen out people like him without wasting your time getting dolled up for a date and squandering an evening that could otherwise be spent more pleasantly. Though I’d have to say, you really should avoid craigslist–all the sketchiest guys hang out there. It’s worth paying for a real service (says someone who met her partner of 4 years on Nerve).

  53. Wow, what a jerk!

  54. Wow. All I can say is: it’s hard to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person. :)

    I now actually think meeting drunk guys in bars was a whole lot simpler…and easier. At least they were usually too eff-ed up to be snooty or holier-than-moi and were much more interested in getting me in the sack. No politics there, eh?

    You sound like a lovely person. Kick the guy to curb and never give him another thought!


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  56. Wow!! Someone has some issues. He sure took them out on you and for no reason.

    For the record, I don’t get sarcasm and it’s one of the things my husband loves about me. He thinks it’s darling. So think of it as a character trait rather than a character flaw because the right guy will love it!

  57. ok, WOW, did not know these people existed… dont waste your time with dweebs!! remember theres a lot of failure before success…so, just keep a head up lady!! you are beautiful!!!!

    i send u a big kiss!!!!!!

  58. I’m of the opinion that the majority of people who put up personal ads usually have some form of social defect.

    It’s a good thing you didn’t continue anything with him. What a presumptuous ass!

  59. I know you already got a ton of comments on here (grats!) but I wanted to say – omg someone else from PA! I’m in the ‘Burgh area, and I generally like it here.

  60. So while this guy is absolutely in denial about his true self (the most honest personal ad? how about the most in denial, I want to get a lot of hits so I can be picky ad?), I had to thank him, because he made you write this great post ;)


  61. Be grateful that the only time wasted was one exchange of e-mails.

    It could have been a lot worse.

    Imagine the time wasted had you have taken the time to meet him before his true colors emerged.

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  63. “Now that’s just disingenuous. If I’m really racist, weak-hearted and stupid, I wouldn’t be a terrible cool person, would I?” HAAAAAAHAAA I so needed a laugh today! Awesome post, so far my favorite.

  64. Happened upon your blog–hilarious, honest and engaging. Answering personal ads can be compared with Pandora’s box, all the chaos running a muck. At least we hold on to hope and honestly you deserve better. :)

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