advice to men

Dear Men:

So you see a girl you like on a dating site. You check out her pictures – hot! – you read her self-description – witty! – you decide to drop her a line.

For gods sake, put your shoulder into it, at least a little. Don’t send something like this:

Err, sorry. I don’t have much to talk about right now. I just wanted to take a stab at this meeting new people thing that we are apparently attempting by joining said website…

All that aside, I am sick, just enjoying the weather and break. Yeah as in school break. I have off until July 8. Now back to hacking up my lungs. Sorry, TMI.


Fat Girl on a Date (on behalf of, um, everyone)


8 responses to “advice to men

  1. That guy sounds like a winner!

  2. I don’t know about you, but I’m just dying to get to know more of his TMI!

  3. Haha, at least he bothered typing something – most of the messages I get are like this:


  4. Ah yes…I’ve recently rejoined the world of online dating, so I know what you speak of. My favourite are the guys who put something along the lines of “Gee….I don’t know what to say here…I guess I need to talk about myself….ummm…” in their profiles. If they aren’t interesting enough to come up with five lines to describe themselves, then they aren’t interesting enough for me to date!

  5. I got a message once that even skipped the “hi.” It just said:

    “like zombies. like star trak. (sic)”


  6. Ha, ha, ha.

    TMI certainly but, at least it’s better than, “I’m young and hung. Interested?”

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