calling all single fat women: write for Fat Girl on a Date

Hey. Hi. It’s been kinda quiet around here for the last week. I’m sorry about disappearing like that. But we need to talk.

I started this project with some personal goals. I wanted to do some thinking about fat acceptance and feminism, wanted to push myself to get out there and do some dating and I wanted to give myself a space to write. But, as I’ve said before, in writing the blog I’ve found a community that I’m really glad to be a part of – and I feel like, in a small way, I’m doing something that’s important. I’m proud to try to represent the life of a single fat woman. I want other fat women to read the blog and feel like somebody else gets it. I want unfat folks to read the blog and get at least a smidgen of a glimpse into what life’s like for us.

Anyway, and I think this is called burying the lede: I’m about to make a big life change, I can’t focus on dating as much as I meant to when I started the blog and I want to recruit some more Fat Girls Dating to write here. I’m not going to shut down the blog, but if I’m not going to be so much a Fat Girl on a Date as a Fat Girl Getting Ready to Move I’m going to need some help.

So, a couple of women are working on guest posts. Those will be coming soon. I’m going to keep up writing about the stuff that’s on my mind and, hey, if I happen to get a date in here or there? Trust me, I’ll write about it. But I’d love to have more. Got a story to tell? Want to chronicle your own dating life? Drop me a line in the comments or email at fatgirlonadate at gmail dot com.

(As for me, I’m moving from Minnesota to Pennsylvania in a couple of months. I’ve quit my job and I’m taking what amounts to a nine-month structured sabbatical to figure out what I want to do next. So I’m not eager to meet someone here – and once I’m there, I’m going to be living a pretty inward-looking life. Not sure I’ll have much chance to meet men. And who knows where I’ll go after that?)


4 responses to “calling all single fat women: write for Fat Girl on a Date

  1. Where in Pennsylvania? If you’re coming to Philadelphia lets have a drink sometime.

    I’ve done some blogs about my misadventures in dating both on 360 and Multiply. Let me know if you’d like to use them. Um, my open letter to men responding to my profile is a tad raunchy but amusing.

  2. I am moving to just outside Philadelphia, and I would love to get a drink. This is great!

  3. I can write a couple guest posts if you want. As for being just outside Philly, I am jealous, jealous, jealous of you.

  4. Well, good luck with it. I hope you keep writing about your experiences in general, and I’m annoyed at myself for finding this just as you take your leave, but hey ho ^^.

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