public service announcement: The Steve Madden Luvvy

While these are not my very favorite shoes, the Steve Madden Luvvy is a close second – and, with a lower heel and a convertible Mary Jane strap, they are infinitely more practical. I have them in black patent and black pinstripe, and while I covet the little beauties pictured above, I really cannot justify another pair of red shoes in my closet.

But you should buy them, have you any need or want for sexy heels. They are super-comfortable (really! you know how people always lie and say that heels are comfortable, but they don’t mean it for people like you, with your weight and your flat feet and your knobby toes and your weak ankles? These shoes really are comfy, even with my fat and feet and toes and ankles and generalized incompetence in wearing heels) and oh so beautiful. Zappos is currently selling them in a variety of suedes and fabrics, and if only they had them in an 11 some of those grey varietals could be coming home to me. But ye of smaller feet, go forth and buy and I will live vicariously through you. (And ye of size 11, is selling them in black leather, black and red patent, and black pinstripe.)


7 responses to “public service announcement: The Steve Madden Luvvy

  1. Those are some stylin’ shoes! I wonder if I can find myself a pair in Montreal? Or if the above mentioned site delivers to Canada for a reasonable rate. Will have to check it all out. Thanks for te tip!

  2. Give her a google. “Steve Madden Luvvy” – there are a lot of folks selling them online, including all over ebay.

  3. palegrayforguilt

    If you don’t mind my two cents worth…I find that a heel with this strap as well as a slingback heel to be so sexy and flattering on a woman!

  4. Steve Maddens always run too narrow for my feet, but I LOVE those shoes!!! ::::WANT::: *wistful sigh*

  5. Marste –

    Seriously, trust me, try them. Steve Maddens are usually too narrow for me, too (sometimes I buy them in 12 instead of 11 to compensate), but these have a wide rounded toe box.

  6. Are you SURE they’re comfy? I’m in NYC so maybe I can go to the store and try them on. I have the flat duck feet-no arch what so ever, narrow heel, wide ball of foot– and anything over 2 inches usually KILLS me!

  7. Hmmm… well, they’re not a miracle shoe. They’re still heels. But for me (totally dead flat feet, wide ball, high instep, long toes, average heel) they totally work. I almost always wear the strap back, but something I extra-love about them is that I’m feeling wobbly in them (say, on a brick sidewalk) I can strap in and keep going.

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