What are your favorite date outfits?

I spent a good portion of the long Memorial Day weekend cleaning out cupboards and reorganizing drawers and otherwise making up for the generally disorderly life I lead the rest of the year. I buzzed through my desk set, threw out most of what was in my linen chest. Then came my bedroom closet.

It simply stymies me. There’s a pile of mending in the corner, but when I clean my closets I remember that I can’t sew and so goodbye torn sweater, so long buttonless button-down. The rest is filled with pants and skirts and sweaters and shirts and a dozen and half pairs of shoes, most of them things I like, all of them things I liked at some point, abut only rarely can I put them together in ways that make me happy. So what do I keep? What do I give away? What the hell do I wear next time I’m staring down my shoe rack, five minutes from showing up late to a first date?

So… What are your favorite date outfits? Describe them in the comments or – better yet! – send me a picture of you in your best date look and I’ll post it up on the site next week.

(What kind of date, you say? Let’s make this a two-part question: Describe a great date for you – for me, I’m thinking Kramerbooks, Dupont Circle, Washington D.C., browsing and cocktails and then wandering out into the neighborhood to stroll down to the Mall – then put together your look.)

Edited 5/29: Should have included my email, so you can send me your date-outfit pictures. Do it! Send me pictures! Let’s see how gorgeous and handsome you all are. Write me at fatgirlonadate at gmail dot com.


4 responses to “What are your favorite date outfits?

  1. 1. great date- visit a good pub….hang around for some time…talk, talk and smile and laugh…and compliment.
    2. wear- a cute top with a caprie or skirt or jeans :)

  2. I wish I knew! Maybe I’d get more dates! :-P

  3. Sounds good, pinksocks. What kind of top? Do you like to use your boobies, or keep ’em covered? Bright colors or subtle tones?

  4. Casual dates are my favorite. Coffee or a drink, maybe a meal at an inexpensive restaurant. Trousers and a pretty top, something showing the curves (read boobs) but in an understated way. No cleavage threatening to overflow.

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