good taste in men

A few days ago, in response to this post about the end of my dalliance with Writer Guy, Bee commented that it seemed like I have really good taste in men. It’s kind of a weird compliment, but I totally loved it.

‘Cause, you know? I really do. I have dated some eccentric and generally awesome dudes.

A year or so ago, a group of girlfriends and I made these online quizzes, where we made up questions about ourselves and tested each other to see who knew whom* best. One of my questions was about the professions of the guys I’d dated. I present to you a list:

  • Patent attorney (and not just any patents, but crazy high-tech science patents, like DNA sequencing and other things I don’t fully understand)
  • Screenwriter (x2 – two separate screenwriters, that is, although also 2 or 3 rounds with screenwriter #2. and by the way, screenwriter #2 has an actual movie-in-the-theaters coming out this summer, which is way crazy. naturally, my friends and I are going to boycott it**)
  • professional hang-glider (such a thing exists. who knew?)
  • rodeo cowboy (seriously!)
  • population control activist (he once biked in a loop around the entire East Coast to raise awareness of population issues)
  • Ex-con (OK, so this one is conjecture. but based on what I know about him, I’d put even money on it)

It’s a good reminder, on those days when I feel down about being single. I’m not so unlovable: these odd, interesting men have found me odd and interesting too. It’s not unfathomable that it will happen again.

*Did I use whom correctly? That’s one I can never remember. But I’m a total expert on affect vs. effect and its vs. it’s.

**And by “boycott,” I mean “Go to see it the night it opens and make disparaging comments about the dialogue”


8 responses to “good taste in men

  1. In the interest of consistency you should assign nick-names to each.

    Attorney guy can be Harvey Birdman. Rodeo cowboy, The Village Person etc.

  2. I believe who is used as a plural referential, and whom as a singular. Though someone can correct me if that’s wrong. ;)

  3. Your use of “whom” is correct. It is used as the direct object of a verb or preposition. “Who” is the subject. In this case, “who” is the subject of “knew” and “whom” is the direct object.

    I’m sorry BigLiberty, plural doesn’t figure into it!

    However, I always mess up affect vs. effect, so maybe you can write a post explaining that to me.

    I’ve never made a list of my bf’s professions. I wonder…

  4. To paraphrase both my beloved Tom Waits and a well-known Erasmus of Rotterdam quote: In the land of weird compliments, Bee is queen ;o)

    Anyways, to make this comment a little less Me! Me! Me! I totally think that if no one else, then at least ‘population control activist’ guy deserves a spiffy nickname…

  5. NoSacredSperm Guy? Vasectoguy?

    Out of curiosity, did biking around the east coast raise awareness of the issue? I’m trying to think how – I guess he wore a T-shirt? Heh.

  6. Oh, several of them have nicknames, but they’re not flattering. You know… what my friends and I call them after we broke up. But they’re really too mean to share – these are all nice men (except the ex-con, you can call him whatever you want).

    As for biking around the east coast… he did interviews with college radio stations and spoke at Unitarian churches and stuff like that. But I think it was mostly just a fun way to spend a year.

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  8. reformed grammar nazi

    “whom” is like “her”
    “who” is like “she”
    to whom it may concern
    to her
    not “to she”

    you’ll never forget now
    or so i imagine

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