public service announcement: make this recipe now

Here, look:

image via The Pioneer Woman

I have just made it. I think we need not discuss how delicious it is, yes? Clear enough from the picture? Now that you’ve seen it, you must make it as well. See the recipe (with step by step pictures!). Then get thee to a grocery store!

(Hat tip to Anne at Elastic Waist. I can always count on her to point my way to tastiness.)


5 responses to “public service announcement: make this recipe now

  1. If I didn’t have a chunk of chocolate (which I’m refusing to let go of, naturally) in my hand right now, I’d be off to the kitchen to make this recipe. Looks delicious! :o)

  2. I guess I took you at your word – I’m making it right now. Will be back to tell you how wonderful it is.

    I might add some artichoke hearts at the end.

  3. Ok, I only have a second, but this is the best macaroni and cheese eva. I did double the cheese because it just needed it. But yeah. Now I’m gonna go eat it. Thank you! And anyone reading, go make it now. We’ll wait. :)

  4. I know, right? Love it.

    But: Just had some re-heated today and it was not nearly as delicious. You know how food with a lot of grease gets… well… greasy upon reheating? It was pretty greasy.

    So: Not great for cooking-on-Sunday-and-eating-all-week, but AWESOME for having-friends-over or feeding-a-family or taking-to-potluck (which I am planning to do next weekend).

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