want to write a guest post?

There have been a lot of interesting discussions about life as a fat single woman out there in the fatosphere lately. Check these out:

Shapely Prose: Ask Aunt Fattie: How can a fat woman find love?

Queendom: Fat, sexuality and romantic love

Jane/Intellectual Babe/Casual Blasphemies: The one where I get TMI on your asses

(Any others I’ve missed? Send them my way – I’m happy to add links.)

I’m delighted! I started this blog in part because it didn’t seem as though we heard much from single folks.

So: If anyone out there would like to write a guest post (or become a contributor? I’m open!) leave a comment here or contact me at fatgirlonadate at gmail dot com.


4 responses to “want to write a guest post?

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  2. I’d love to contribute! I’ve written a few times about my dating hits and misses, but it’s a weird fit for my blog as I’m trying to keep my personal-personal stuff off of there. Sorry I can’t link directly to any posts right now (work) but feel free to check my stuff out and get in touch! I’m really digging your writing. :P

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