Um, I think Writer Guy and I just broke up. Except it’s a bit strange, since I’m not sure we ever reached the “together” stage to begin with, and it’s more like a “break” than a “break up” anyway… but I’m thinking that’s just code for “This is over but I’m too Midwestern to break it off cleanly.”

I don’t think I’ll say anything more about this just now. I need to figure it out a little bit – like I said, I think we broke up – and the details are his, anyway, not mine to share.

More later.


2 responses to “oh

  1. Hope everything’s okay! Regardless, don’t skip a beat and keep putting yourself out there, girl. Even though I’m engaged, it’s thrilling to hear about first dates, first kisses, that first awkward conversation, what you wore, what you watched, what you ate, etc. Perhaps I just want to live the single life vicariously… ;)

  2. courtneyryan369

    Guys who can’t just say what they want (or don’t want) suck.

    Why can’t they just realize that most of us would prefer to just have a clean break than the pseudo break or sorta brush off? C’mon!

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