food, glorious food

I was planning to write today about intuitive eating, but I just finished dessert and it was awesome and I decided to just rhapsodize about food instead.

See, for the past couple of months I’ve been eating strangely. I’m normally a weekend-only cook – just can’t bring myself to make a real dinner on a weeknight, so instead I just whip up a few meals on Sunday afternoon and eat my way through the leftovers during the week. But since late February, my weekends have been chock full and I haven’t been cooking. At first, it was a real pleasure, getting to explore the delis in my grocery stores. I rotate between a local gourmet grocer, my coop, and Super Target, and each has different delicious treats to offer (the gourmet store has an olive bar you’d sell your soul for, the coop makes the best salsa in town, and Super Target sells salads from an incredible Italian restaurant). But after eight weeks of this nonsense, I’ve been aching for some home-crafted meals. There’s something honest about food you’ve made yourself. It just feels better, for the body and the soul.

So on Sunday I made some egg salad for sandwiches and tried out Heidi’s strawberry panzanella (hat tip to Anne at Elastic Waist for that: yum!). On Monday, I had time after work to whip up some migas (from The Best 30-Minute Recipes, one of my favorite cookbooks). Last night, the egg salad sandwich wasn’t cutting it on its own, and I had a gorgeous avocado in the kitchen, so I improvised some guacamole with red onions, garlic, cilantro and lemon juice. I had a big lunch tonight and wasn’t super-hungry, so I just had two pieces of sweet, lovely, delicious corn on the cob and a bit of the panzanella. Sigh. Delicious. And best of all? I feel better too. My body feels like it’s had a little tune-up and is humming along happier than ever.

Farmers’ market opens this weekend, and there’s some asparagus I’ve been eyeing. Things are looking up!

Tell me: What have you been eating lately? What would you like to be eating? Let’s talk tasty.


8 responses to “food, glorious food

  1. Right now, I am so hungry that I’d eat my cat…
    …if she wasn’t so dang old.

    Anyway, what I would like to be eating is a bowl of fresh strawberries that are really ripe, on the verge of being over-ripe, and cold. Not frozen, just cold, with a little black pepper and Sambuca on them. I also could go for a burger, well done, with sauteed mushrooms and carmelized onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles, a lot of A-1 on it and a root beer, no ice. AND if I wasn’t full, I’d have a slice of Junior’s chocolate layer-cake with a glass of 1% milk–has to be 1%. A little fat to give it body, but not too much that it overpowers the cake. *Sigh!*

  2. lizzie tanners

    I have no idea but I seem to be eating a lot of Persian food lately. A persian restaurant opened near my place and one night I was so hungry I decided to give it a taste. I love their kebabs but more so their Humos and Shawarma. Been eating it everyday until of course i get so sick and tired of it I move on to some other cuisine.

  3. Damn, I just had a big supper, but you ladies are making me hungry again.

    Strawberries with Sambuca? I would never have thought of it, but now I can’t really think about anything else.

    And Lizzie, I do the same thing… get hooked on a cuisine, or a food, and eat my way through that until I can’t imagine ever wanting it again. (… and then, some weeks pass, and I’m back at the Kurdish restaurant…)

  4. Speaking of strawberries with unconventional liquids, I’m loving this recipe:

    And also, looking for a legitimate reason to bake these red velvet cupcakes:

    Yummm. I apparently have a thing for red foods this evening.

  5. On Friday I had a delicious beef shawarma sandwich served in a pita with tomatoes, pickles, and yogurt sauce.

  6. We had a three-course dinner last night: spicy Indian soup, tofu-burgers with two kinds of apple salad and a slice of our friend’s birthday cake. Mmmm…

    Just bragging :o)

  7. … today I’m having a Kentucky Derby party, with mint juleps, Derby Pie, asparagus with raspberry vinaigrette, zucchini fritters… yum!

  8. Can I come?!?!?!

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