Writer Guy had a piece in the New York Times yesterday! And no, I’m not linking to it, ’cause then you’d know who he was and he hasn’t signed on to the whole “bare your soul on the internet” thing. Plus, he’d probably google himself and find the blog and… well, I haven’t told him about the blog, so that would be awkward.

Back to normal blogging tomorrow…


4 responses to “excitement

  1. Is it William Safire? It’s not William Kristol is it?

    Please tell us it’s not him, please.

  2. Yes, I’m having a mad affair with Bill Kristol. You caught me!

  3. I sense your sarcasm, girl. There’s no shame if it’s really William Safire. He’s knows a lot of big words!

  4. Nah, if Writer Guy was William Safire I guess we wouldn’t be so excited about a piece in the NYT. It would be old hat by now!

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