you asked for it…

… more color in my wardrobe:

This is what I wore on tonight’s date with Writer Guy. Meh. A typical fatgirlonadate look: perfectly presentable, not particularly delicious. I wish I could crack the code of stylish sexiness! (More on this soon: I’ve been meaning to write about my evolving ideas about fashion.)

Anyway, I’m all out of sorts after this date. We have this thing we go to on Tuesday evenings. It’s lovely, it’s something I’d want to do anyway, it’s fun to have a little routine, but it doesn’t leave us with that much time to just hang out with each other. Add to that directly opposing schedules (in addition to being a Writer Guy, he is also a Working A Crap Job To Pay the Bills Guy, and Crap Job is mostly on the weekends) and a heaping measure of shyness on both of our parts, and I get a little worried that we’re not really getting to know each other at all and that at some point down the road I’ll find myself in a relationship with a stranger.

But that’s not really what has me out of sorts. Writer Guy, as regular readers will know, has been sick lately and canceled our last date. He was on the tail end of his cold tonight, still all coughs and watery eyes and general bleariness. I think, if he hadn’t canceled last time, he would have preferred to stay in tonight. So we met up, walked over to this thing we go to, did the thing, walked back to my car, and I went home. No kissing (yuck! I am a big fat baby about colds and flus and related ickiness). No exclamations of how lovely I look or how wonderful it is to see me or how tragic it is that he’s too sick to ravish me as is his wont. Generally, no massaging of my ego. Egads, does this mean he’s just that that into me? Or does it mean I should cut down on the caffeine and lay off the poor guy for a minute?


5 responses to “you asked for it…

  1. A) How can you say it’s not sexy? You are HOT and that outfit looks great!!!

    B) He’s sick. Men are generally crybabies and self-consumed when sick. It’s not you, he’s just totally incapable of thinking of anything other than crawling back in his cave right now ;) The fact that he went with you says SO much…that he wants to be around you and make you happy and that you matter about 1000x more than most things. Lay off the caffeine (yeah…like I’ve room to talk, I’m already on my second POT of coffee!), let him recoup a bit and I bet you’ll find things are hotter than ever now that he’s had to be hands off!!!!

  2. I have to second ladykuri on both points – yes to a) HOT and b) men are crybabies when sick/you clearly matter to him a lot :o)

    As for sexing up your outfits even more, have you considered more cleavage? Not necessarily super classy (if that’s what you’re going for) but, as we all know, a veritable eye magnet.

  3. I third!

  4. Geez, folks. Thanks. I promise, I wasn’t fishing for compliments!

    As for cleavage, I actually did a lot of leaning forward the other night, so this particular look did a pretty decent job of showcasing the girls.

  5. Gosh, you are so pretty! And I love this blog! And do I sound too excited? That sometimes happens!

    Anyway, I look forward to reading more posts! Online dating has been a hilarious (4-year) whirlwind for me — I feel like I could have written half these posts myself. :)

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