meditation on a canceled date

I just got off the phone with Writer Guy (who, by the way, really needs a new nickname. Writer Guy is just so generic, you know? And it sounds kind of dismissive, and I don’t mean that at all). He’s sick, and he cancled our date for tonight, and I have some thoughts.

Thought 1: I’m disappointed. This may sound not worth noting, but I assure you that it is. I’m outgoing, I tell stories, I laugh, I know how to work a room, so folks never believe me when I say that I’m an introvert. But I am, and I’m telling you that I barely look forward to spending time with the people I’ve known and loved my whole life, let alone someone I’m just getting to know. So being disappointed – instead of secretly relieved – that I’m not going to see Writer Guy tonight? A big deal. Huh, I said to myself as I put down the phone, maybe I really like him.

Thought 2: I need to call my own bluff and start hedging my bets. (Plus, I need to stop using so many idioms.) You know what I said about not being motivated to try to meet other guys, and how it totally wasn’t because I was getting all smoopie about Writer Guy? Yeah, pretty sure that I’m lying to myself. And his canceling the date made me think, gee, what if he’s just making an excuse to get out of it? So I’m officially back in personal-ad mode. Look for more on that soon.


3 responses to “meditation on a canceled date

  1. Don’t count Writer Guy out just yet though. Think well of him until he proves he’s a total flake. I’ll give him a pass, but just this once! I know what you mean about hedging your bets though. I briefly–and I mean BRIEFLY–dated this guy last year that I thought was great, then he just up and disappeared. It’s like he dropped of the side of the planet or something. For a while I was so frustrated and totally obsessed with finding out what the hell happened to him, but then I thought that there has got to be at LEAST one other person who will think I am great and stick around longer, so I joined a dating site. There are lots o’ fishies in the sea for you and me! :-)

  2. Oh, I’m not writing him off at all. Just keeping my options open. ;)

  3. Open options are good for clarifying whether feelings are actually there or if you are just settling in. But I am too afraid to look at options dating-wise, so be clear that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

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