Um, hi.

First of all: Many thanks to everyone who sent their sympathies and well wishes. I am so grateful to have found the FA community, and I only wish that my aunt had done so while she was still with us.

In other news, I think I might be a total failure as a blogger. I up and disappear for two weeks, and now… well, at least for the time being, I’ve sort of lost my subject. This was supposed to be fat girl on a date, right? I was going to put up pictures of different outfits and get advice on what to wear, and try out a bunch of different online dating sites, and share giggly horror stories about the crazy guys I met. I had plans.

But, uh, things are kind of working out with Writer Guy. I mean, we’ve only been out four times. I’m not trying out my first name with his last name or anything, and we’re miles away from having any sort of Talk About Our Relationship (eek – actually, we’re still pretty much miles away from having A Relationship, too). But I’m not feeling, you know, inspired to try to meet anyone else in the meantime.

But I’m just filled with questions. Am I doing this right? It’s really been ages since I dated… and, to be honest, I’ve never properly “dated” before. Mostly just jumped into Relationships, feet first. So I don’t really know the protocol. When do I stop feeling nervous when I call him (not nervous like excited butterflies, but nervous like I’m going to say something stupid and render myself totally unlikable)? Is it weird that we’ve fallen into a weekly routine? Am I a crazy clingy girl for not wanting to go out on other dates? Is he worrying about the same stuff, or do men just make it easier on themselves? And oh my GOD, what on earth would be think if he somehow stumbled across this blog? (If you’re there, hi, Writer Guy! Please don’t think I’m nuts.)

Heeeey… maybe I didn’t lose my subject after all. I should just call it fatgirlwithinsecuritiesonadate.

Oh, and here’s what I wore on Date #2 (bookstore + walking around the lake + coffee shop)

(Whoa. My right arm looks weird. Like it’s in a cast or something? Huh.) Anyway, I didn’t take pictures of the outfits for Dates #3 or #4. I’ll get back on it – maybe even get them up ahead of time. I could use some input!


5 responses to “Um, hi.

  1. Could you please post a better pic? ;)

    I think I like this outfit better than the dress–the sash wasn’t really working for me.

    BUT, clearly, writer guy likes you in all these outfits! So who cares what we think?

    Glad you’re home and doing well. I vote for more dating stories as things progress…but I know it’s a minefield.

  2. Wow, you’re beautiful! And yay for things working out with Writer Guy!

    P.S. Not that I – with a taste that dictates jeans and sneakers every frickin’ day – have any right to comment on your outfits, but I was wondering if you’d like to inject some colour (other than black) into your wardrobe?

    P.P.S. I actually liked the sash. Different strokes for different folks, right? ;o)

  3. Well hot damn! I am glad things are going along well with Writer Guy. I liked the sash too, and I also agree with Bee that some color would be nice.
    I’m just sayin’. I think red would look good on you.

    Happy Dating!

  4. Oh, that’s so funny. I guess all the pictures I’ve posted did have me in black… but I actually am a bit color-crazy. I love deep, rich, saturated colors.

    Like these (these are clothes that I own): (in navy)

    Anyway. Thank you, everyone! I am of two minds about the sash. I think it maybe cuts me in half a little bit, in a not-so-flattering way… but I don’t really care that much, ’cause the dress is lovely and soft and comfortable and I love the way the sleeves flutter.

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