what I should have said

Kate Harding, on attraction:

The waiting can suck, if you prefer being in a relationship. It can suck a lot. But the zing! does not depend on thinness or whiteness or blondeness or tallness or richness or haired-ness. It depends on the time, place, and person, on a host of things you can’t control, and on another host of things you can’t even consciously recognize.

(There’s a lot more. You should read the rest, too.)

What she says? Intellectually, I get it. I believe it… for other people. I’ve got the political part of fat acceptance down, no problem. The personal part? Just a little bit harder.


One response to “what I should have said

  1. Oh I so know what you’re talking about! I am 100% pro FA/HAES/IE, and yet I’m still struggling with a post-anorexic mindset that keeps telling me that food is ‘for other people, not for me’… Silly me ;o)

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