tee hee

I just discovered the blog stats that WordPress provides, and I can tell already that they are going to provide me with no end of amusement…

Someone found this blog via this search (and I’m super proud to see that I’m the fourth entry – right under Big Fat Blog). If that searcher is still out there, please come back. I am desperate to hear if you found what you were looking for.


2 responses to “tee hee

  1. Well, I definitely didn’t get here from that search (wth??)–I got here via Kate Harding. I just want to say that I am glad you are doing this blog because I too want to be a fat girl on a date, but I am terrified. Your blog is giving me courage. Hooray!

  2. Mizbig, thank you so much! That is a wonderful thing to say, and I hope I can keep giving you courage (and maybe you can give me some when I need it, too!).

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