unsuspecting date number one

Yay, commenters! Welcome. It’s very exciting to know that I’m not actually just talking to myself here.

So. The Date.

First things first: I have been thinking about the ethics of blogging about unsuspecting dates. Poor guys, right? I mean, all they agreed to was going to dinner/a movie/drinks/whatever with me – not sharing it with the world (or rather, the two people who are confirmed to have read this blog).

Honestly, I hadn’t considered this problem when I started the blog. I kinda thought I would never get it off the ground, or that I would chicken out before I made it onto any dates. And anyway, I can change names or keep important details to myself. But at some point it occurred to me that I might actually meet someone I like, and if that happened, I would, at some point, have to explain to him that I’d been blogging about the whole experience… and then, if it continued to work out, I might someday have to show the blog to him. And crap? What if I’d said he smelled funny – or worse, what if I’d giddily come home and written about how much I liked him?

So what I’ve decided is this: I will only write what I would be comfortable showing to the guy in question. That will obviously change over time. First Date Guy might eventually become Tenth Date Guy or Guy I’m Dating, in which case I imagine I’ll get a lot more comfortable describing him and his foibles.

Anyway, The Date. I surprised myself by getting pretty excited. Generally, I’m the very definition of an introvert – I have to psych myself up to spend time with people who already like me, let alone people who may or may not. Throughout the day on Thursday, I was thinking of reasons I shouldn’t go on the date (lots of work to do, I should just keep at it until I get the report done, I’ll give him a call and cancel). Fortunately, being an introvert also means that I avoid the telephone at all costs, so I never worked up the courage to call to cancel the date, and by the time the evening rolled around I was looking forward to it.

Here’s what I wore:

Ok, I know I should get a real digital camera, but you get the gist. Actually, I think I looked a little better than this picture suggests. I was particularly pleased with my eye makeup – just some smudgy dark gold and brown. The dress was fantastic, although here it is making me look a little short-waisted. And, distressingly, the body shaper I wore, combined with the soft fabric of the dress, made it next to impossible to sit in the movie theater without sliding off the seat.

We met up at the movie theater. He’s good-looking – even better looking than his picture, which was obviously attractive enough to get me out here in the first place. After an awkward greeting (I tried to kiss him on the cheek, which is my go-to greeting for social occasions – hugs are too intimate and handshakes too cold – but he couldn’t seem to decide between a handshake and a hug), which was fully redeemed by his saying “You look gorgeous, by the way,” we chatted a bit and then went in to see the movie. Movie was good, except for my aforementioned difficulty with staying in my seat. Chatted a bit after the movie. I decided to head off any suggestions of drinks afterwards – I was having a perfectly good time, but I was feeling a little freaked out about the work I really did need to get done that night – and offered him a ride home (he lived nearby, so he had walked). Kissed a bit and said goodnight.

All in all? A very nice date, proving to me that this doesn’t have to be as scary as I imagined it would be. We’re getting together again this week.


2 responses to “unsuspecting date number one

  1. Oh that’s the greatest dress, because it’s perfect for all occasions.

    I think the blogging ethics you’ve decided to move forward with are excellent. And nice date, so yay for more!

  2. fatgirlonadate

    Thanks! The dress is pretty great, and you’re totally right – I can wear it to work, on a date, just hanging out. Love it. It’s on sale, too.

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