date this Thursday!

can’t write now, more later, very excited.

Ok, can write a little. But about the clothes, not the date himself. I have to think about how much I want to share about people who, you know, haven’t agreed to participate in this project. And duh, I haven’t told him about this yet. It’s a BLIND date. Or rather, an internet-dating-service-arranged-date. Point is, I think I’ve pretty much only told him this much about me:

  1. I like Johnny Cash.
  2. I am not a forest ranger.
  3. If he challenges me to a snowball fight, I will lose.

… so the blog thing hasn’t come up yet. (With my friends or family, either, actually. Not sure when or if I’ll tell them.)

I have a post planned about the ethics about blogging about someone without their knowing. I have to think about it more. So until then, I’m not saying anything about The Guy.

But the clothes? I got a package from Kiyonna today, with two beautiful dresses inside. I was nervous about them. I had made my first-ever Kiyonna purchase a couple weeks ago, and rashly bought these dresses before the first shirt even arrived. Then, when the shirt got here it was a bit of a meh. But the dresses are stunning. I want to wear them everywhere, and I definitely want to wear them on my date.

Sadly, I think they are a little much. We’re going to a movie. An indie movie, and we’ll probably get drinks afterwards, but – especially given the predicted snowstorm – they are probably not quite right.

Besides, I don’t really have any tights to wear with them. My beloved gray tights (from Lane Bryant, no longer available) gave up the ghost last month, as did my favorite black tights (from Avenue, also no longer available). I have some in-case-of-emergency black tights, but they bunch at the ankles, and the replacement gray tights (from We Love Color – no link ’cause they gave me terrible service and a bad product) simply will not do.

So, I have cute jeans, but no great top. This one would work, if only I’d bought it two weeks ago when it first tempted me..

Hmm. I’ll think on it and get back to you.


3 responses to “date this Thursday!

  1. Dresses are awesome though! Can you maybe casual them up with boots or something? Target has good plus size tights in black and brown on clearance right now.

    (I just found you at Elastic Waist, from your comment about irresistable food and your taste, and reference to Mello-glaze was irresistable..)

  2. fatgirlonadate

    Hey, hello! You’re my first commenter (and, I think, my first reader). Thanks for checking it oiut!

    I am in a bit of a boot drought. I have a pair that is kinda like these, except without the darker band at the top, but I didn’t want to take them out into the snow (which totally didn’t materialized, but whatever). I’m on the hunt for some low-heeled black boots, so if you see any in an 11 give me a holler.

  3. fatgirlonadate

    … materialize, I mean.

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